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I am shovon,,may be you recognize me as I asked you questions about my ongoing twitching before two days ago.
Here is your last message to me
Considering your height and weight I dont think you have thyroid problem. Do you have social anxiety? You continue the tablets given. And get following tests done.
Serum electrolytes
Serum calcium
Iron profile
Thyroid profile

You are still young and age is just 30. I dont think you have ALS or MND. Its a degenerative disorder and is seen after 40-50 years age. Anyway if nothing comes up in the above tests/everything is normal then you can go for Nerve Conduction Study and electromyography through a neurologist."
Yes I have anxious about this non stop twitching amd mnd.
I have tested some t4 and ths
T4= 83.8ng/ml
I have visited neuro and he want me to do mri and ncs,,,i am afraid of ncs test,,dr asked me to get admit in the hospital,,i am afraid may be i have something wrong...i believe anxious can not make twitch non stop for 5 months,,now the twitching is around my rihht knee:(

ANSWER: Yes I recognize you. No there is nothing to worry about NCS test. I think its best thing to do to rule out the doubts in you mind. It will hardly take half day in hospital. I recommend you better go for it immediately. If it comes out normal then well and good. If it indicates any pathology then we can think how to treat it. If diagnosed early its better for us to manage it. The above test reports you sent me are all normal.

Thanking you!

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QUESTION: Thank you sir for your response.
I have talked with a diagonistic centre, they said for ncs it needs 7 days,,My doctor was so busy,,he will not be availabe for two weeks and therefore i want to change neurologist.
Could u plz tell me in bfs can twitching occur in same place non stop for a long day or months or years.actually i did not find any weakness of walking or grabing a thing for the last five months with non stop twitch. As far i know cpk can determine muscle i right? If so then by the test result i have no waste ..right?
I am sorry to u as i am continuing questining to u more and more.
Actually too much afraid of als/mnd as i read some als patient history from internet whose synptom was as like as me.
Thanking you

ANSWER: Shovon,
Yes it could be benign fasciculations. CPK levels show skeletal muscle damage or wasting. Yours is within normal range. Unlike ALS benign fasciculations are harmless and in long run there wont be worsening/ development of motor weakness.But rarely ALS starts in such young age. So be positive. Go ahead with NCS. Even if you have BFS, NCS by a trained neurologist is absolutely necessary.

Thanking you!

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QUESTION: Dear sir,
How r u? I have tested electrolytes came out normal. Doctor prescribed me clonozepam,calciam tab with vitaminD and said me to wait for one month and if no improvement i have to test an emg.Dr said me sometimes brain problem can do this type of problem. As I have no potassium difeciency so I am afraid of als...i am tryig to be positive but can't.
Thanking you.

The medicine he has given are correct. Go ahead with his advice. Very low calcium levels can present as tetanic contraction. Is your serum calcium level normal? Don't be afraid. Just wait for few more days till you complete the course of calcium n vit D tablets.

Thanking you!

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