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Can non stop muscle twitching be a symptom of thyroid problem?
I want to ask some questions about twitching muscle if you permit me plz.

ANSWER: shovon,
Yes it could be related to thyroid and parathyroid glands. You can ask the question.

Thanking you!

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QUESTION: Thank you sir for your response.
My problem starts 5 months ago. I was sitting and suddenly I felt that my one of left hand fingers paining onto its head. I asked my colleague what it could be he said it could be blood circulation problem.Before this I felt a needle type pain(heavy pain) inside my under arm. It was stayed there for 2 or 3 days. There was also little soreness feelings in my teeth that time. How ever After the finger pain I noticed there were also something inside my leg. I watched there and found muscle is twitching in my both calves and also my both of the foot arc also twitching and I also have headache(just like tight band around the head) and also a pain back side(specially left side of head)of the head and the pain seems a needle hurting me.And there were also pain inside my throat and I thought it could be tonsil. There was body wide random twitching all the day. But the twitching of calves and foot arc never stopped(24hours)I felt crawling inside my calf and its non stop for one month and I visited neurologist and after examine he said I had no brain tumor.Though I said about twitch he said is there any muscle waste you observed I said may be not and he said it will go. Though my headache gone but the twitching still there and I visited another neurologist and he said its nothing and prescribed me neuroB (vitamin b2+b6+b12)and nortriptyline for three months. But after having these I don't have any improvement. Sometimes the twitching becomes more worse that I can't sleep or my rise up into the sleep.I found sometimes the intensity of twitching stooped on left calf and the foot area but the right calf muscle never stop. and there is also a pain in side my right knee and its so much when I stand up from a chair.Now a days I felt there is something pressuring my right knee when walking.Also the throat pain again came back yesterday. I found in internet twitching is the symptom of als and becoming too anxious as I read many als patient history whose symptom was like me. I aslo found kidney disease or thyroid disease also cause twitching but I can't remove als from my mind. though I can still walk,run and jump easily and can grab a thing.I have also twitching on the others part of body but those twitch comes and go not stay much time. Sir, my mom has thyroidal problem but she do not have twitching.
How ever I am sorry to write a long history and killing your valuable time. But if you read it and give me a suggestion I will be vary thankful.I am from Bangladesh and here most of the doctors don't want to listen long history and they just check for a short time.And therefore I wrote down to you everything.
Thanking You

ANSWER: Shovon,
First tell me whats your age, height and weight. What work you do? If i suggest some tests can you get it done in your country? There are many reasons for muscle twitching/fasciculation. It could be simple calcium deficiency, b complex deficiency etc or may be even concerning conditions like thyroid, parathyroid or nervous system disorders. I will definitely help as much as possible to diagnose you problem if you answer my problems and get some tests done. I wont suggest costly tests initially. If required I may suggest later. DO you take any medicines daily? How much coffee or tea you drink daily? Habit of smoking/drinking/drugs? Any dog bite or wound/accident you had recently? What is the weather temperature in your area? is it too hot?

Thanking you! Waiting for your reply!

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QUESTION: Sir many many thanks to you. I was watting for ur reply.
*I am 30 years old. 5'6" height and 73 kg weight.I am a computer engineer.
*Yes I can do any test suggested by you.there are many diagnostic centre here and some are very well.
*I take neuroB(b2+b6+b12),two times in a day (morning and night,) and nortriptyline BP 10mg at night. I have taken these for the last 1 and half months but no improvement i gave these for 3 months.
*Though i had not any habit of caffine or tea from my childhood but for the last two years i make this habit and i will say actually its not too and i have left it now specially after twitching.
I have no habit of taking drug or smoking or drinking.
*no dog bite or accident recently.
*it is now spring season here not too hot not too cold now.
...Sir today when I was walking, suddenly I felt a sharp pain inside the arc of the left foot where the twitching occur most and the pain is still there.
I am getting too much afraid of als/mnd.If search google all time it comes twitching as the first symptom of als/mnd.
Is there any cure now for it?
I forgot to mention that i observed when I wake up early in the morning the twitching of foot arc disappeare and the calf twitching is very slow and also after a long journey by bus after that also foot twitching stop but after some hours it comes againg.
Thanking you

Considering your height and weight I dont think you have thyroid problem. Do you have social anxiety? You continue the tablets given. And get following tests done.
Serum electrolytes
Serum calcium
Iron profile
Thyroid profile

You are still young and age is just 30. I dont think you have ALS or MND. Its a degenerative disorder and is seen after 40-50 years age. Anyway if nothing comes up in the above tests/everything is normal then you can go for Nerve Conduction Study and electromyography through a neurologist.

Thanking you!

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