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Thyroid Problems/thyrogobulin antibody


Hi Dr, after a year of unexplained sporadic symptoms (tingling numbness, double vision, internal vibrations etc) I finally had one test come back high / positive: the thyrogobulin antibody @ 125.  Everything else was normal TSH, Free T3, Free T4, TPO as well as all of the other standard blood tests.  My next apt with my functional doctor is not for approx. 3 weeks.  What would you test for next in this situation?
thank you for your time

Well, since this is an autoimmune attack they might treat you for that. Or they might look at other autoimmune issues as they don't happen by themselves typically. The good thing about a functional doctor is they will look into other issue that match your symptoms if they don't think the thyroid function is an issue.

Until that time, due to increased antibody counts, I always encourage my auto immune people to get off gluten and dairy and soy right away. These things are common allergens, are highly inflammatory and will fuel an auto immune issue. Start getting rid of these things now if you haven't already dropped them from your diet.

Vitamin D is also very important in autoimmune issues and if they have not yet checked you for that, I certainly would. My functional range for vitamin D 25-OH is 60-80, lab range is typically 30-100. The vitamin D can modulate the auto immune attack.

Hope this information was helpful.

Dr. Kalli Prater, D.C.  

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