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Hope you can suggest some good supplement to help straighten things out.   First off, for many years I have been diagnosed with subclinical Hyperthryoidism.  In 2013 I was diagnosed with Sjogrens, not too bad, mainly mouthi dryness.   In 2015 doctor felt my thryoid was bigger than it should be and I had an ultrasound.  Results, multinodular goiter.  The goiter actually pushes a bit against my trachea and causes a slight interference, but hardly noticeable.  As usual docs say "take it out"  Since it is still functioning well, good T3, T4, low TSH, no antibodies of any sort.  I have started taking selenium 200mcg daily, thought about iodine, but am holding off since it can be a double edged sword.  Hoping you can recommend some ideas so I can reverse the goiter to closer to normal size.  I see many supplements containing many nutrients, but not sure if any are worthwile.  Please give me some ideas of what you have used in your patients with some success so I can look into them  and maybe discuss with my doc.  Thank you!


My ranges for labs are as follows:

TSH 1.3-2.0
Free T3 3-4
Free T4 1-1.5

Iodine- This gives your body the building blocks to have more T4 to convert to T3, with a low TSH you're already converting enough or "too much" so this is a good thing not to take at this point.

Essential nutrients for thyroid function include:






Vitamin C


Vitamin D

Vitamin A

I would assess these nutrients in your diet and consider testing, I offer micronutrient testing through SpectraCell to see what your body is using, not what is in your plasma, the two don't correlate always. Whats in your serum isn't what's in your cells getting used, so it's hard to tell without this test what your body is using/utilizing.

I always recommend adrenal support while doing anything with the thyroid, they seem to be dysfunctional together and need co-support. I like herbal things like Ashwaghanda, rhodiola and holy basil if there's not a history of fatigue or sleeplessness.

If there are no antibodies etc, I also recommend looking at other things like food sensitivities. Sometimes doing an anti inflammatory diet has helped others shrink their thyroid- cutting out gluten and dairy are a good start, increasing vegetable intake to 75% of all meals, doing grass fed meats and organic foods as often as possible to cut down on toxicity and inflammation.

Sjogrens is an autoimmune issue- so the dietary changes are more important than ever as well, foods effect every cell in your body daily and either fuel disease or fight it.  

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Questions pertaining to the holistic treatment of thyroid disorders including nutrition and supplementation for Hashimoto's, hypo and hyper thyroidism. Questions relating to Lab tests and proper lab testing for thyroid conditions as well.


As a functional medicine focused practitioner the majority of my practice has focused around Thyroid conditions. I help people to switch to less toxic medications through educating their prescribing physician, support thyroid function with diet/nutrition and natural supplementation as well as educate the patient on support for other systems effected by Thyroid disorders.

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Many patients come in to me having been on medications for years still feeling horrible from their condition but told they are "fine" based on lab testing. Other's come to me after having had their "thyroid checked many times over the years and it's normal" to find that many doctors are not properly running lab tests to determine if people have an auto immune attack to their thyroid or looking at more than just TSH levels which checks your pituitary function.

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