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Thyroid Problems/Calcification in nodule and thyroid cancer in family


BP wrote at 2012-11-01 01:48:16
I was recently diagnosed with thyroid cancer from a scan I had done, after that I was sent for a needle scan biopsy (I have several nodules). I was first diagnosed at 25 but the needle biopsy I had back then said the nodule (2.5cm) was benign, and that I had 3 small ones beside it so the likelihood that they would be benign as well was highly likely....Well now I have multiple nodules, 2 larger ones, the existing one and one on top of it. That is the one with the cancer and calcification. I never had the original one cut out because my thyroid still functioned normally. Now I will be having surgery and radiation. I also have cancer starting in my throat I am waiting to go for that biopsy as apparently I have to be put to sleep for that one and my head and neck specialist found that with the camera he put down my throat. I am 39 years old with 3 children, if you have anything foreign growing in your body ..get it removed. Obviously the original 3 small ones I had were not the same as the bigger one that was biopsied at 25.

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My complex cysts on my right thyroid gland and the isthmus were found my accident when my doctor thought I was having a TIA. The ultrasound found a complex cysts the size of a golf ball (which turned out to be the size of a tennis ball when it was surgically remove). Doctors were totally surprised because for 5 years, including the day I went to surgery, all of my thyroid blood work was "within the normal range". So much for blood work being conclusive..

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