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Hello Srinivasa Murthy S V.
I am working on a school assessment, and I need some information that I had a significant amount of trouble trying to find; On the internet and in books. I need to know the average length of all tiger subspecies not including the tail, but the tail length would be useful (if not added to the length). The average height would be useful also. Please make sure the measurements are in meters and centermetres.
P.S I am only in grade 8 so please make sure you are not to complicated when you talk. ;)

  Siberian tiger: This tiger is the largest subspecies of tiger. The average length of males is 213-230 cm and that of a female is 183 m. The tail length is 105-120 cm for the males and 90 cm for females. The average height at shoulders is 100-115 cm for males and around 90 cm for females. The average weight is 230 kg and 160 kg for males and females respectively, whereas outstandingly large males may reach 300 kg also.
  Royal Bengal Tiger: This tiger subspecies, which is found in India, it is the second largest sbuspecies. The average length foe males is about 165-185 cm and 150-160 cm for females and the tail length is 90-110 cm for males and 80-90 cm for females. The average weight is 180-230 kg for males and 140-160 kg for females. The height at shoulder level is 100 cm for males and 90 cm for females. A huge male tiger named Kali in corbett national park was more than ten feet long and weighed about 340 kg.
  Indo China Tiger: The average length for these tigers is 150-160 cm for males and 130-140 cm for females. The tail length ranges between 90-100 cm for males and 80-90 cm for females. The average weight for males is about 150-190 km and for females, which are much lighter than males, it is 110-130 kg. The height at shoulders is about 90 cm.
  Malayan Tiger: This tiger was earlier considered to be the same as Indo-Chinese tiger, but later divided into its own seperate subspecies. This tiger is quite smaller than the Indo-Chinese tiger. The average length is 160-170 cm and 130-140 cm for males and females respectively. the tail length is 85-90 cm and 70-75 cm. The average weights are 130-140 kg and 100-110 kg. The height at shoulder level is about 80-90 cm.
  South China Tiger: The average length of These tigers is 160-175 cm for males and 140-150 cm for females. The tail length varies between 80-90 cm and 70-80 cm. The average weight is about 130-180 kg for males and 120-130 kg for females. The height at shoulder level is about 90-100 cm.
  Sumatran Tiger: This is the smallest living subspecies of tigers, just as large as big Panthers or Leopards. The males are about 150-160 cm long with tail lengths of 75-85 cm and females are 120-130 cm long, with a 65-70 cm long tail. The average weight is 100-140 kg for males and 75-100 kg for females. The height at shoulder is 80 cm.
  These six are the extant species of tigers today. There are three more subspecies of tigers which are extinct now. They are:
  The Caspian Tiger: This tiger was similar to Siberian Tiger in size and body length. The avergae length of Caspian Tigers is as same as the Siberian ones.
  Bali Tiger: This was the smallest subspecies of tigers, about the size of leopards. The average length was 135-150 cm for males, with a tail length of 65-70 cm for males and 120-140 cm body length and 60 cm of tail length. The average weight was around 85-100 kg and 65-80 kg respectively.
  Javan Tiger: This tiger was almost as large as the Sumatran tiger and the average measurements are as same as that of the Sumatran ones.  


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