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Tigers/How do tiger and lion tongues look different?


Is one longer? How long is a lion tongue? How long is a tiger tongue? How do they look different?

  The tongues of these two big cats actually look very similar. They are covered with small rear facing projections called papillae. They help the big cats to scrap the meat off the bones and also peel the feathers, skin and fur off their victim's body. The tongue is so rough that it is said that it is capable of licking the paint off a wall. It is also said that if a lion or tiger licks your hands, it can peel off your skin, but it is doubtful as I have seen many pet lions and tigers licking their owner's hands without hurting them.
  The length of the tongue varies in different subspecies. The lenght of the tongue of Siberian tigers and Royal Bengal tigers, the two largest subspecies of tiger, can reach 10-12 inches and that of the sumatran tigers, the smallest extant subspecies, can be as long as 6-7 inches. The lion's tongue is also of the same length. The color varies from light orange to pale rosy pink. Some people believe that the tigers lick the blood of their victims, which is absolutely wrong, as their tongue is not designed to lick blood. When the tiger holds the throat of its victim tightly to strangle it, it looks as if it is drinking blood. It is difficult to say just by looking at a tongue whether it is the tongue of a lion or a tiger.


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