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Hello Srinivasa!  Hope all is well.

Tigers and skunks, as far as I know, never meet in the wild.  Skunk spray can deter many animals, including bears, and the owl is the only predator undetered by the skunks's defenses.  If tigers lived with skunks, would they be able to successfully predate upon them?

Thank you!

  Hello friend, your question is a very good one and really debatable.
  Tigers are in fact the largest cats on the earth and are rightly called as the kings of jungles. Even the smallest extant tiger subspecies, the sumatran tiger, is larger than an ordinary, average leopard, with males ranging between 100-140 kg and females averaging between 75-100 kg. It is understandable that they usually prefer larger animals rather than smaller ones, proportionate to their own colossal size. They usually prefer animals weighing more than 50 kg for their diet. The royal bengal tigers are capable of killing even the biggest bovine animal in the wild, a 1000 kg massive bull gaur. Skunks are much smaller, weighing around 1-8 kg depending on the species, so usually tigers will leave them alone, because the effort they have to spend to catch them is much greater than the reward. It is only because of the smaller size of the skunks that the tigers leave them alone, not because of their foul smelling spray. Tigers, in fact all the members of cat family, have very poor sense of smell and they are highly unlikely to be deterred by the scent. If the tiger doesn't get anything to eat for many days or it becomes weaker to kill larger prey due to any reason, it may kill the skunks.


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