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Hello, Srinivasa.  Hope all is well.  I have some questions for you(some that I have asked other experts in the past) that I am eager to get your opinion about.  Some involve hypothetical matchups that could never occur due to the animals living in different areas, but here goes:

1. How would a Bengal or Siberian tiger fare against a bull hippopotamus if the encounter was face-to-face and entirely on land?

2. If a snow leopard battled an African leopard and the 2 cats weighed exactly the same, who would come out on top most of the time?

3. In reply to another questioner, you spoke very highly of the tiger's abilities as a combatant.  How would a Bengal or Siberian tiger fare against a polar bear or a Kodiak bear if the encounter was face-to-face?

4. If a 225kg tiger fought a 900kg crocodile on land(face-to-face; no ambush), who would come out on top most of the time?

5. If a Siberian tiger(or Bengal) attempted to bring down a bull giraffe by ambush, how often would it be successful?  What if the encounter was face-to-face?

No rush on these; take as much time as you need!  Thank you.


Adult bull hippopotamuses are formidable opponents to any animal on this planet. An adult can weight anywhere between 2-3 tons and even saltwater crocodiles and Nile crocodiles, world’s largest reptiles, do fear these formidable herbivores. Both Siberian tigers and royal Bengal tigers stand very little chance against a bull hippopotamus. It is true that tigers are very powerful and large, but not up to hippos. Hence I would bet on hippo all the time.

If a snow leopard and an African leopard of same weight fight against each other, African leopard would be the obvious winner. This is because a leopard has a sturdier build and powerful muscular body compared to a snow leopard of same weight. Hence chances are more for leopard to beat snow leopard.

Yes, either a Siberian Tiger or a Royal Bengal tiger can weigh only half as much as a polar bear or Kodiak bear, tiger is more muscular compared to polar bear and Kodiak bear. Besides that, no polar bear can match a tiger in agility. So tigers will beat bears in seven out of ten cases and because of their superior body size, bears would be able to win in three cases.

A 225 kg tiger has a better chance of beating a 900 kg crocodile, because crocodiles are not as agile as tigers. Besides that, on land crocodiles are easy victims for big cats. In a fair face to face contest, a tiger will win always against a crocodile. There was a tigress named Machali in Corbett national park in India which had killed a large number of crocodiles. Crocodiles can’t move quickly on land. Hence they lose against a 225 kg tiger.

A bull giraffe is a formidable animal with a height of about 18 feet and a weight of about two tons. No tiger would ever be able to bring down a bull giraffe single handedly. A single kick of giraffe’s powerful leg will shatter the skull of any mighty tiger. So in my opinion, neither a Siberian tiger nor a Bengal tiger would be able to kill a giraffe single handedly, even by ambush.  


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