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QUESTION: Dear Srinivasa,

I have three questions:

Why do bigger and most likely stronger polar bears avoid the smaller grizzlies when they meet in the wild?

What do you consider the top 10 most dangerous predators to men, and i mean man-eating kind of predators so not venomous snakes. I do have a list but im not sure if its the same as you think.

Which mammal has the most powerful jaws?
Spotted Hyena
Tasman Devil

  Polar bears and grizzly bears are usually of the same size. Exceptionally large males of both species can weigh about 680 kg also. But it is true that average polar bears are slightly larger than grizzly bears. It is not true that they avoid grizzly bears when they meet in wild. Whenever the two meet in wild, a fight seems to be inevitable. Being heavier and stronger in their build, polar bears will win in most cases against grizzlies.
  According to me, here is the list of worldís top 10 most dangerous man eating animals. Please remember that in nature, there is no animal which is man eater by nature, but when they turn out to be man eaters by accident, some of them are much more dangerous than others. Here is a list:
1)   Leopard
2)   Lion
3)   Tiger
4)   Saltwater crocodile
5)   Nile crocodile
6)   The great white shark
7)   Tiger shark
8)   Komodo dragon
9)   American brown bear
10)   Wolf
       There are some other animals which are dangerous to human beings, but I havenít considered them because I am referring here to only those animals which actually eat their kills. My thinking is this and this neednít be perfect. Different people may think differently and this is not an absolute question to which we can give exact answer like 2+2=4. I think leopard is the deadliest man eater when it turns out to be one because of its cunningness, agility and other abilities which their larger cousins like tigers and lions lack. Besides that, one must always remember that the nature of man eater has nothing to do with the animalís strength or size, because in this list, leopard is smaller in size compared to all other animals except wolves, but they are considered as deadliest predators on humans.
Among terrestrial animals, hyenas have the strongest jaws. Jaguar comes second in this list, followed by wolverine and Tasmanian devil.

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QUESTION: Dear Srinivasa,
1st of all Thank you for the answer about the bears. The reason why i brought up that question, is because I saw pix of polarbears avoiding a confrontation with the smaller grizzlies, and there is one youtube video from it as well. But I agree with you that on average the polarbear will win a fight.

Top 10 maneaters:
It's good to see that many of my top 10 animals are mentioned by you as well, do you also think these are the most dangerous predators? Because some might be a top 10 "man eater" because it encounters people much more then other predators with a smaller body count but which has more agressiveness. Like wolves, they might kill more people then polar bears or jaguars, but personally i rather face a wolf then the other two predators.

Jaw Power: Thanx for the answer.
Do you know the bite force/ jaw power of a Killerwhale? I know crocodiles has a huge bite force, and killer whales seems to have rather similar teeth, unlike sharks for example. So i reccon they have a pretty strong bite force as well.

And I have a crocodile/alligator question.
Which of these species is the most dangerous crocodile behind the saltie and nile crocodile?
1.American Alligator
2.American Crocodile
3.Mugger crocodile
4.Black Caiman
or 5.Orinoco Crocodile

Thank you for your reply, and I'm looking forward to see your answers and oppinion about this mail.


Dear Sir, Thank you very much for your comments and trust you have kept on me. Frankly speaking, there is no animal on this earth which considers human being as their natural food. So whenever they find a man, they always try to escape and attack only when there is no escape route. Besides that, man eating animals arise due to a combination of some extreme factors. In fact big cats are some of the most magnificent animals and apex predators in their territory, but they are not dangerous to human beings. So my list refers to only those animals which have become regular man eaters due to a combination of various factors. In fact some animals like sloth bears, which eats tubers, fruits, termites, insects and carrion rather than hunting by themselves for their diet are more dangerous to human beings than a tiger or a lion!
Killer whales are the biggest predators in ocean, or in fact on entire earth! There is no predatory animal existing today which is bigger than killer whale. Undoubtedly they have a very strong bite force, but I donít know their exact biting force, I am sorry. But there is no doubt that their biting force far exceeds that of crocodiles, because they hunt even large rorquals like Blue whale, Fin whale and Sei whale.
By nature, usually crocodiles are more aggressive and short tempered compared to alligators, but that doesnít mean that alligators are harmless. But if you give me to select between a crocodile and an alligator of equal size to fight, I will choose an alligator always! So in this list given by you, American crocodile is the most dangerous animal, followed by Orinoco Crocodile and Mugger Crocodile.


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