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Tigers/Tiger vs Black bear


Hello Murthy S V,

I made up some matchups between tigers and black bears.

3 300 lb Asiatic black bears vs 550 lb Bengal tiger
600 lb American black bear vs 450 lb Bengal tiger
2 300 lb Asiatic black bears vs 350 lb Southchina tiger
400 lb American black bear vs 400 lb Indochinese tiger
2 450 lb American black bears vs 660 lb Siberian tiger

   Good morning. One thing I have to make clear before answering your question. You have just told that you have made up a match up with the tigers and bears and you haven't completed the question. I hope your question is 'Which one would win among the two?' and answering accordingly.
   Undoubtedly tigers are the most powerful predators on the earth. Any 550 lb tiger will win against any 300 lb Asiatic black bear withing the blink of an eye, but if there are three bears, that will definitely increase tehir strength and hence the chances of their success are more. Even though, a 550 lb Royal bengal tiger is a formidable opponent to three bears. The chances are that the Bears may win finally, but I bet that before bowing out to the black monsters, the tiger will definitely kill atleast one or even two bears. Even the possibility of the tiger killing all the three bears and winning the battle can't be ruled out. So even though the bears seem to be the obvious winners in this case, The tiger also stands its chances and hence one can say with confidence that there are chances, even though very slim, that the tiger wins the battle.
   In a contest between a 600 lb American black bear and a 450 lb Royal bengal tiger, I bet the Tiger will win 7 out of ten times, because even though it is lighter than the bear, it is more powerful. The hunting skills, Agility and Dexterity of tigers can't be matched by any bear in the world. So tiger will win in most of the cases.
   In the battle between two 300 lb Asiatic black bears and a 350 lb South China tiger, once again the tiger is the favourite, because two is very short number to fight against a tiger. No doubt the tiger will have a very difficult time in tackling two bears of almost its own size, but he will win finally. The chances are in favour of South China Tiger.
   When the tiger and the bear are of the same size, no matter whichever may be the subspecies of Tiger and species of bear you are referring, tiger is the obvious winner because of his superior strength and formidable weapons compared to his ursine counterpart. The bear stands no chance against such a powerful big cat. So one can easily conclude that a 400 lb Indochinese tiger will win in every case against an American black bear.
   Siberian tigers are the largest and most powerful cats existing in the world today. A 660 lb Siberian tiger is powerful enough to tackle two American black bears weighing 450 lb each. Even though the combined weight of two bears is more than the tiger, their strength and dextirity doesn't add upto that of the siberian tiger. Hence the chances are that even though the bears are two in number and pitted against a single tiger, the tiger would win two out of three battles between them.


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