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how long do tigers live?
what do they mainly eat?
what are the most interesting things about tigers?

 The tigers live 12-15 years in wild, but in captivity they may live upto 20 years also. In wild, they have to compete for food and territory with other tigers. As they age, their claws and teeth get worn out. This makes it difficult for them to hunt their natural prey and as a result, they have to fast and beocme weaker and weaker. Most tigers in wild don't live to celebrate their 15th birthday!
 What do the tigers eat mainly depends on which subspecies of tiger you are referring to. Let me take the example of Royal Bengal Tiger, which is the second largest tiger subspecies next only to Siberian tiger and the most numerous of six extant subspecies. Spotted deer, Sambar and Wild boar form a major portion of a tiger's diet. Tigers always choose large prey animals proportinate to their own outstanding size. They also kill gaurs. A 1000 kg bull bison is by no means an easy victim to any mighty tiger, but average sized juvenile gaurs and unguarded calves often fall prey to them. When wild animals are not available in plenty, tigers turn their attention towards domestic cattle also.
 Huge male Siberian tigers can reach a length of 12 feet and can weight about 360 kg. The heaviest Siberian ever recorded was 384 kg and heaviest Royal Bengal Tiger ever recorded weighed about 389 kg. In Bali Island, there lived very small tigers which weighed just around 65-100 kg. They looked like large leopards rather than tigers. They could have been named as 'large striped leopards' rather than tigers!
 The mighty roar of a Royal Bengal Tiger can be heard at a distance of about 3 km also. Being about 20-25% heavier and stronger than lions, tigers are rightly called as the kings of jungles as there is no animal in the wild which doesn't tremble with fear on hearing the mighty roar of a tiger, including bull elephants!


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