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Tigers/five epic matchups


Hello Srinivasa,

Thoughts and answers to the five epic matchhups?

3 300 kg elks vs 100 kg feral hog

3 400 kg muskox vs 400 kg alaskan brown bear

3 250 kg sable antelopes vs 200 kg lion

3 90 kg cougars vs 140 kg bengal tigress

3 225 kg red deers vs 250 kg eurasian brown bear


Even one elk would be too much for a feral hog and hence three elks against a single feral hog is a highly unmatched contest. One can say without doubt that elk will win without any difficulty.
Even though Alaskan brown bear is a very powerful animal, while facing three musk oxen he would be in precarious position. As the weight of all these animals is the same (say about 400 kg) musk oxen will win against brown bear, even though with a lot of difficulty.
A 200 kg lion is a very powerful animal indeed, but if there are three sable antelopes weighing well over 250 kg, itís indeed very difficult for the lion to stand up to that challenge. Sables will be the winners in that case. One or two of them might be killed by lion, but they will be the ultimate winners.
Even though a tigress is a very powerful animal, it is difficult for her to face three cougars weighing around 90 kg. In this case, chances are that cougars win every seven out of ten battles, but tigress too holds her own chances, no matter however slim they are.
Three 225 kg red deer can kill a 250 kg Eurasian brown bear, provided they have the heart to face such a formidable predator. Deer are well equipped with antlers, which, despite being ornamental structures, can act as organs of defense in case of emergency. So they stand a better chance over brown bear.


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