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Tigers/Giant octopus


Hello Srinivasa,

In these interspecies conflicts, all the matchups involve aquatic conflicts between the giant octopus.

Assume the giant octopus is a large one at 20 ft long and 150 kg. All the fights will take place in 10 ft of water.

1) Giant octopus vs 3 grey wolves
2) Giant octopus vs cougar/leopard
3) Giant octopus vs rock python/burmese python
4) Giant octopus vs elk
5) Giant octopus vs equal sized giant squid


While answering questions regarding animal face off, it is very important to consider ecological niche in which the fight takes place.  A giant octopus, even though an invertebrate, is a very powerful animal and besides that, it is quite at home under water. So even though three grey wolves are very powerful animals, they will have a very hard time in water, because they are not powerful swimmers. So in most cases, octopus will win in this fight.
When you come to the case of big cats, same principle applies. Neither a cougar nor a leopard is good at water. So they will feel it very difficult to fight against octopus. But if you consider a jaguar or a tiger, they are not only stronger and bulkier than leopards and cougars, but also very good swimmers. But cougars and leopards will lose against a giant octopus.
In a fight between rock python/Burmese python and an octopus, both species have equal chance. The thing is that which animal would get its first hold on the other.   
In a fight between a giant octopus and Elk, Elk has more chances as it is more powerful and stronger than an octopus.
In a fight between a giant octopus and giant squid, both animals stand an equal chance of conquering each other.


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