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Hello Srinivasa,

The biggest lioness so far on record was a 400 lb one! It was quite bigger than the average adult. How would this massive lioness fare up in all the matchups?

180 kg lioness vs 3 striped hyenas

180 kg lioness vs common eland

180 kg lioness vs 5 dholes

180 kg lioness vs eurasian wild boar

180 kg lioness vs sumatran tiger

180 kg lioness vs silverback gorilla


A 180 kg lioness is undoubtedly a very huge animal by all proportions, because average weight of lionesses doesnít exceed 150 kg. Besides that, striped hyenas are very small compared to their bigger cousins, the spotted hyenas. They are also very shy creatures and there is no doubt that they take to flight when they see such a formidable enemy like a lioness. Even if they stand their ground and give a fight, lioness is always the favorite. Hyenas have their chances because of their powerful biting force, but that chance is just about 20%.
A common Eland is a huge bovine animal, with bulls weighing around a ton or so. A 180 kg lioness, or in fact any big cat of that size, has a very little chance of defeating such a huge beast. Elandís long curving horns are formidable weapons of defense and they can use them effectively against a lioness. Eland would be the obvious winner.
Dholes are extremely brave and intelligent animals, but an adult dhole weighs around 15-20 kg. Even though huge packs of wild dogs are said to scare away and even kill big cats on several occasions, five Dholes are highly insufficient to kill a lioness weighing 180 kg. Lioness will easily destroy this small pack of dholes containing 5 animals.
Eurasian wild boar is a very huge and powerful animal. Lioness given here as reference is about 180 kg but a huge wild boar can weigh double as much. Besides that, skin of wild boar is extremely tough and lioness needs to work very hard to tear it away, but lionessís skin is very smooth and with one powerful swipe of his huge tusks, wild boar can rip apart the stomach of lioness. So he will be the obvious favorite. But remember such huge specimens of wild boar are rare and their average weight is around 100-200 kg. Even at such low weights, they are formidable opponents and stand an equal chance against lioness. Once the weight of wild boar exceeds that of lioness, her chances dwindle rapidly.
Sumatran tiger is the smallest subspecies of tiger existing today. A male may weigh anywhere between 100-140 kg. Surely no Sumatran tiger can reach 180 kg, but irrespective of subspecies, tigers are always stronger than lions. But weight and size play their own role here, so I can say that both animals stand equal chance here.
A silverback gorilla would be the obvious winner against a lioness. They weigh between 180-230 kg and are as powerful as any Bengal tiger. Besides that, gorillas have Ďhandsí and can stand on their hind legs, which a lioness canít do. So gorilla is the hot favorite in this case.  


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