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Hello Srinivasa,

What are your answers to these matchups on bengal tigers?

225 kg Bengal tiger vs 6 pitbulls

225 kg Bengal tiger vs 2 silverback gorillas

225 kg Bengal tiger vs 2 jaguars

225 kg Bengal tiger vs 2 lions

225 kg Bengal tiger vs 9 wolves

225 kg Bengal tiger vs spanish fighting bull


Hello good morning. I am very sorry for my late reply. Because of my internet problem I am unable to access my email account every day. So I couldn’t answer your question quickly.
A 225 kg Bengal Tiger is indeed a very huge and powerful animal by all means.  Pit bulls are some of the smartest dogs we have ever found, and they are highly courageous. But courage alone will not be sufficient while facing an animal as formidable as a Bengal tiger. Pit bulls can weigh between 15-20 kg and even their combined weight can by just half or even less than the weight of a tiger. A 225 kg Bengal tiger can shatter the face of a pit-bull or break its vertebra with one mighty swipe of its powerful paws. Hence 6 pitbulls are no match to a 225 kg Bengal tiger. Tiger might get injured to some extent, but I am quite sure that eventually he will be able to kill all six pit bulls.
A silverback gorilla weighs around 200-230 kg, about the same as a full grown Bengal tiger. Besides that, they are also very powerful animals. When there is a fight between a silverback gorilla and a Bengal tiger, I can say chances are 50-50, but if there are two gorillas, surely they will defeat the tiger.
Jaguars are the most powerful cats compared to their size. Their bite force stands next only to that of hyenas among land mammals. A large male can weigh anywhere between 100-160 kg and combined force of two jaguars would be enough to defeat a tiger. Jaguars have the ability to bite into the skull of their antagonists and thus they stand a better chance over tigers. Surely they will succeed in defeating 225 kg tiger. But if there are female jaguars instead of males, tiger stands a better chance, because females rarely exceed 70 kg.
It is true that lions are bigger than jaguars, but they are not agile compared to jaguars. Besides that, they are among the laziest of all cats. In a fight between a lion and a tiger of equal size, a tiger is the superior force and will win in all cases. So even if there are two lions, tigers stand a 50% chance of defeating them.
A pack of 9 wolves is too much to handle by a Bengal tiger, but it depends on type of wolf which you are referring. If they are Indian gray wolves, tiger stands a better chance and I am quite sure even a pack of nine wolves stand less than 20% chance of defeating a tiger, because they are no bigger than our domestic dogs. (In fact our domestic dogs are the direct descendents of gray wolves). But if you are referring to bigger species of wolves, they have a better chance. There are species of wolves which weigh about 70 kg and a pack of 9 such wolves will defeat a tiger.
A Spanish fighting bull is in fact a very formidable animal. Some large bulls may weight about a ton also. But despite that, they are very dull creatures compared to tiger and lack the cunningness and agility of a Bengal tiger. Besides that, Bengal tigers are known to kill wild gaurs which weigh around a ton. Hence even though a Spanish fighting bull is four times or even more heavy than tiger, he stands very little chance against a tiger weighing 225 kg.


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