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Hello srinivasa murthy,

The world record wild hog shot by a young man in north america was estimated to be 1000 pounds and 12 ft long male. How would this hog fare up in the following matchups?

455 kg wild hog vs 3 lions

455 kg wild hog vs Gaur

455 kg wild hog vs European Bison

455 kg wild hog vs water buffalo/cape buffalo

455 kg wild hog vs 12 spotted hyenas

455 kg wild hog vs equal sized saltwater crocodile in water


A wild hog is undoubtedly a formidable animal to tackle with. A 455 kg animal is something like a monster of worst kind one can ever imagine to meet in wild. Personally, I know an incident in which a man was attacked by a wild boar. He was hardly recognizable as a human being after that fearsome attack. That boar was not that much bigger as you have mentioned here, but it surely weighed over a hundred kg. That man was reduced to a gory meatball after that incident. Three lions are very difficult to face by a single hog, no matter however large it is, but I am sure the hog will kill at least one lion before losing the battle and ending up at the hands of lions.
A gaur, if it happens to be a bull, will surely kill a 455 kg wild hog. This is because even though the hog is heavier, a bull gaur is almost twice or even more heavier than it. Besides that, it can be as tall as 6-7 feet, which is surely beyond the reach of any wild hog. Hog may succeed in injuring the gaur seriously, but ultimately he has to die.
A European bison is also as large and powerful as a gaur. Hence same principle applies in fight between wild hog and European bison also. European bisons are slightly smaller than gaurs, but can tackle a wild hog effectively.
Cape buffalos are considered to be one of the most formidable animals because of their highly unpredictable nature. Every year thousands of people are killed by these animals in Savannas. A Cape buffalo stampede is the worst nightmare that one can ever expect to face in Savannas. So cape buffaloes will effortlessly kill a wild hog. It may be injured to some extent, but not fatally.
Spotted hyenas have the strongest bite force of all land mammals. They can kill even a lion if they get a grip on lionís throat. 12 spotted hyenas are too much for any mighty wild hog to tackle. Hyenas will win outright.
A salt water crocodile, even though equal sized to wild hog, will be very powerful in water where a hog will be stranded helplessly. So crocodile will win without much difficulty.
So in all the above mentioned cases, hog seems to be a loser. But hog stands some chances in case there was a single lion in case of three, a single hyena in case of 12 hyenas and a saltwater crocodile on land. But in above mentioned cases, under the given conditions, wild boar seems to be the loser in all cases, even if he is a half ton monster!


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