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Time-Shares/Help with getting rid of a paid for timeshare and one that I have with an Ex-wife



I was researching the Internet in hopes to finally find out my options to get rid of two timeshares that I do not care to own or have a part of!

My first timeshare is fully paid and is with Bluegreen, 12,000 pts a year and the average maintenance fees and club dues are $924 and $129 a year!   I tried to sell this timeshare thru two companies and I have learned my lesson now because they took my money and ran!  After a lot of research, I realize I was suckered!  Is there a simple way to just give this away?  My objective is to just not pay maintenance fees and dues anymore!  I have excellent credit so I'm not sure what the consequences are!

My 2nd timeshare is with Whyndam and it is a bit trickier, I think!  I am divorced and have since re-married!  My Ex owes Whyndam approx $10,000 before it is paid off, I paid off my part and the only thing I have to do is pay the maintenance fees every other year per the divorce decree or separation papers that were included into the divorce.  Since the onus is on my Ex with her part, is there anyway I can legally get my name off the deed and separate myself from this nightmare?  Whyndam takes the payments owed on the deed directly from my Ex, not me!  Coming up in Jan 2013 I will have to send my Ex a check each month for the maintenance fees only!  I don't want anything else to do with this anymore and pose the same question to you, how can I rid myself of this timeshare and if you can give me any recommendations, I would greatly appreciate it!  I have since the purchase of theses nightmares become totally disabled on social security as well as a 100% disabled Veteran from the US Army!  God Bless You in advance for helping with any advise!   v/r. Brad


I would suggest trying to give away your bluegreen ownership by yourself. Ebay,, are all sites you could give it away yourself. The reason I say give it away is because the resale prices of bluegreen properties is around 2-4 cents per points.

The ownership with your ex wife is tricky. If you do not have access to the Wyndham ownership then I don't know why you would be forced to pay. You could get your name of the deed but it would require permission from the mortgage holder. It sounds like you are responsible for the maintenance fees every other year but don't get to use the property. It would be wise to view the divorce decree to see if you are still responsible for the maintenance fees after your share of the mortgage is paid.


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