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We bought the TS in 1995 after our infant died.  We didn't use it.  We were divorced in 2000, he took over the TS for his new family.  He didn't put it in the divorce and I had forgotten about it until the TS/landor called to tell me I owed $10,000.  I told them I was a single Mom with 2 children, not getting child support. I simply cant afford it.  Now it is on my credit report and am having even more problems. What can I do now?


It sounds like your ex-husband never transferred the property out of your name. If it was mentioned in the divorce that he was receiving the property then you can show that to the lendor and credit agency. If it was not stipulated who received the property in the divorce decree then I would suggest contacting an attorney regarding the matter. You may be able to prove that he is responsible for the remaining balance because he has been using it and you have not.


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