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Time-Shares/HOA dues on timeshare - now defunt



Thank you for your time.  

I purchased 1 week timeshare from Premier Vacation Club in 2008.
for $10,000 cash.  I didnt finance.

I paid 2 years HOA due at around $600 per year for 2008 and 2009.
and Premier Vacation Club went bankrupt.  It was purchased by Diamond Resorts, in Las Vegas.

After Diamond Resort purchased PVC , it raised HOA and I simply am not able to keep the timeshare that I paid $10,000 for.  Not to mention that I dont use it.  

I feel that PVC was deceptive, but its now bankdrupt, and Diamond resort is equally evil raised the price and sent me collection notices.

Then a few collection notice later, I got a letter from Diamond Resort telling me do nothing they will take the "points" ,  That was about 6 months ago.

I just got a notice for assessment for 2013 plus balance owed after they net the sale proceeds.  totalling about 3000.  

Is it legal for timeshare co to do this?  I didnt purchase the units after Diamond Resort, Nor did I used the timeshare.  It went bankrupt.  Am I obligated to continue to own it?

I want to deed this back to the "Premier Vacation Club Owners Collection, LLC" That is the entity Diamond Resorts set up to manage this timeshare.  and is located in FL.

How do I rid off this nightmare?  I have transferred all my assets in a family trust.  so they cant place a lien on me, I own nothing personally.  But I do work, so I would hate for them to garnish my wages.

Thank you in advance for your answer.  



Thank you for your question. Timeshare Developers purchase other timeshares all the time. From what we see, the overwhelming majority of the time if you contact Diamond they should be willing to work with you on a resolution that would be best for both parties. Diamond is trying to become the major player in the timeshare world and are purchasing many resorts. As a matter of fact, the owner will be on Undercover Boss on the next episode for the second time.

I understand that your maintenance fees have gone up dramatically. We are talking to many timeshare owners who have also seen their maintenance fees more than double in the last 2-4 years. If you feel you were misled contact Timeshare Advocacy International's office and see if they can assist you. They can at least tell you what your options are at no cost. Their number is 877-350-7899.


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