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In September 16, 2012 I purchased a Time share at Wyndham resorts in Orlando, Florida; so I wonder if I can cancel my contract according to Florida Statues 721.06(3), then I have 10 days to cancel it because, despite I signed in September, I just received on December 26th the CONVEYANCE OF TITLE, and I would like to know if I am in my right to cancel the contract of time share? and what else, apart from sending a certified mail of cancellation to Wyndham, can I do? Should I claim a refund?
By the way I am not living in USA, I'm from South America.


The Florida Statute is 10 days to cancel from the date you sign the contract, not 10 days from the time you receive a copy of the deed.  You would have had until about September 27th in which to cancel under the law.

At this point, you can see if Wyndham is willing to take it back if some extenuating event happened, however, they are under no legal obligation to do so.  Further, they would be under no obligation to provide any refund of any money paid to date.

Where you live is immaterial, Florida laws will govern the transaction and the remedies available to them.  If you took out a mortgage and financed this timeshare, they can report negative credit to the credit bureaus if you stop paying along with collection activity and ultimately foreclosure of the timeshare.

I would suggest you call their owner services and see if their is any relief they might be able to offer you.



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