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Kevin wrote at 2013-01-19 19:45:00
Hello. My name is Kevin. I've done some research on timeshares and specifically deeded timeshares. Here is what I have learned. Timeshares will never sell. And without paying matinence fee, credit history can be hurt as well as your generations to come. A deed in perpetuity is your life, children, and grandchildren. These developers really did a Job on the average citizen. The solution I found is simple. You can pass your timeshare as a deed of gift. It will cost a fee for title preparation and a fee to transfer to the recipient of the timeshare. Assuming you can find someone willing to assume the fees of matinence and assessments. That's the most challenging part. Well, I have terminal illness and I opened a company to assume deeds in my name and my social security. I am relieving many unhappy timeshare owners of a lot of worry, stress, and financial obligations. When I pass away, the timeshare will have no where to go except back to the developer. I have no concern about my credit history, phone calls from collectors and I have already assumed hundreds of old timeshares. I would be happy to discuss the specifics if you are interested. My email is sorensk34@  I finally found a way to get a little pressure back to these timeshare developers. Because, to me I just don't need good credit soon and no one to pass on this obligation. Feels pretty good. Each transfer fee is different from resort to resort but I do all the work for you. Hope this helps.    Kevin Sorensen


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