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I have recently purchased a timeshare deal from Grande Crowne Resorts in Pigeon Forge ,TN. I have bought a deal that includes a deed to Surrey Vacation Resorts @ Carriage Place with a Charter to the land where the future clubhouse will go for the new resort going up in Pigeon Forge, Tn. Lodges of The Great Smoky Mtns Resort and my wife and i have been under the impression that we have made a wise investment for us and our children for years to come. Do you have any knowledge of Grande Crowne Resorts and this new Lodges resort that will be going up. I have been reading blogs that say these have been being built for over 3 years and there is still no clubhouse and only 3 cabins. We bought this on vacation while in Tn and visited the cabins and the construction site and did the whole presentation deal spent 6 hrs in total. We did not feel pressured at any point and believe we made a good choice but just a little skeptical after reading certain blogs and researching the company etc. Anything you could tell us about GCR or these new Lodges would be helpful and i will be glad to inform you in more detail of things if desired. We are told that by having a charter to the land it much more valuble and beneficial since this was a pre-construction deal. The timeshare thing is very new to us we just have some unanswered questions. Thank you so much for your time,


Sorry for the delay in my response. I am always skeptical of hearing about resorts selling pre-construction. The sales people are often not exactly what the plans for the property real entail. What they could be saying just may not be true whatsoever.

Timeshares are never an investment in anything other than future vacations. The deed will not increase in value over time. I have sold timeshares for 7 years, 5 on the resale market and have never heard of anyone selling their timeshare that they bought from the developer for more than they paid. The resale prices are typically 5-20% of what the developer is selling them for. If you see it just as a way to make sure you have memorable vacations then you should have no problem.

Unfortunately, I do not know any specifics on the Grande Crowne Resorts or their plan for this particular resort. Let me know if you have any further questions.


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