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I have owned at Orange Lake since 1996.  I don't understand how they can bully me into converting from weeks to points for upwards of $24,000 in addition to what I have paid for my week in 1996 and what I pay in maintenance fees today.  They are telling me that my week, over time is becoming worthless as everyone has converted to points.  How can they charge me again for something I already paid for devaluate what I already own to force my hand...  Please explain.


That is purely a sales tactic to get you to purchase more points. You week will always be there because you purchased it and it is on the deed. You still have the flexibility to exchange using RCI or II and go anywhere at  any time. There is no reason to upgrade to points unless you want to simply become more frustrated. As far as the value is concerned, there is none. The way you can find that out is to try to sell it. There is no resale value on timeshares. I hope this helps.

This is a response to the following question: Can you help clarify the no value though.  If there is no value, how do they continue to sell and resell villas for upwards of $24,000.  I am in the real estate business, although the time-share is completely different.  
Thank you again.  


My apologies for sounding rude, and I understand your concern when I say there is no real value. Unfortunately your timeshare only has value when they are being sold by the resort. The reason I say this is that no one would buy a timeshare if they looked on Craigslist or eBay first. If you look you will see timeshares going for a dollar and most have been listed for a very long time. When you really do some research you can find many ways to travel and stay in the very resort where you own for much less and without being handcuffed by maintenance fees. You see, the resorts actually rent out the very rooms that points owners are trying to stay in. That is why I made the comment about becoming frustrated if you bought points. If you want more information go to www.timesharecancellation.com.


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