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Hi Janet, I would like to get out of my timeshare in Missouri. It is 100% paid-for and all maintenance fees are current. I've read about quitclaim deeds and would be glad to give it back to the resort. Is this process as simple as it seems?

You will need to contact your particular resort or management company to ask this specific question.
Some resorts will let you deed the timeshare back to them, but many will not take the property back.
If your resort or management company will not take the property back, then you can try to find your own buyer, or someone who is willing to take the timeshare from you.  We have some suggestions on the links page of our website www.TimeshareResaleClosings.com, on how you might try to sell the timeshare yourself, or with the assistance of a real estate agent.
Thank you
Janet Ammirati
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