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I own a 2 bdr. unit for one week a year at the Grandview in Las Vegas. I owe no money on the property, but no longer want to have any obligations on the property, including maintenance fees.  I was told there was a way to surrender the property and the Grandview was obligated by law to accept it back. Is this true, and if so what is the process?

There is no law that forces them to take it back.   You can call their owner services department and ask if they have a program to take it back, but legally they do not have to.  

Think of your timeshare like a house, they both are real property.  If you out grow your house or no longer want it, you can't call the old owner back up and go I don't want it anymore so I am giving it back to you.   Grand view may have a program, most likely not.

You can list it for sale, even give it away.  Places that will not charge you fees up front are the places to look at.  Try the following if calling to the resort does not work


Never pay anyone more than $100 up front for anything and don't believe the people that call and tell you they have a buyer for 10-40,000 as they don't exist.  Another site you should look at is ARDA-roc.org


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