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QUESTION: I went to Florida for the first time last week. after 6 to 7 hrs of going back and forth I bought a time share on dec 9th it is now 16th. I've tried to find how to cancel my contract but there is no where to find where to send a letter not on the warranty deed or the proposal. I've seen some people said it will be be on a cd which I have not received. I only have a little time left and I don't have a address to send it to. Please help!


ANSWER: it will not be in the Warranty Deed.  I am not sure what you are calling a proposal.  Somewhere you should have a CONTRACT that you signed and in that contract tucked away in the many pages is a paragraph on how to cancel.  Everyone writes their contracts different, so I can not tell you to look in a specific place.   What resort was it, that might help to tell you how to cancel.

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QUESTION: Westgate vacation villas resort in Florida

Ok, in the actual contract will be where to send it to.  The other thing to do is google there corporate office and call their owner services group explain you want to cancel, get the parties name and send by some trackable method a letter canceling your contract.  Remember you only have a limited time

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