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My husband and I purchased a timeshare from BlueGreen. He was suppose to get it at 6% due to him being in the military. I fought and fought to get it at what they promised only for them to put it back at the original interest rate. Once I challenged it they said they foreclosed on it but never sent me any notice. I get a tax form that says we abandoned the property...what can I do at this point?

Once they take the property back Bluegreen will regularly mark your credit with a foreclosure and they will issue you a 1099a or 1099c.

As far as the foreclosure is concerned you can seek out a credit restoration company to help you get that removed. You should be able to find one online ranging from $250 - $750.

The 1099 you need to speak with a true tax professional in your area. Make sure you check them out to make sure they are qualified to give you the proper answer.

Good luck.


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