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My aunt owns a timeshare with Marriott Vacation Club Platinum nothing is owed on it but is wanting to get rid of it because she simply just doesn't use it anymore.  Marriott has offered to buy it back from her for $6000.  My husband and I love to travel so we offered her the same price she called Marriott to ask if she would be able to do this and they told her that we would have to fill out a contract and send it to Marriott but they would have the priority over us?  My aunt didn't like that answer and now is mad that they wont let her sell it to us for the same price.  Can she just transfer the deed to us instead or can they deny that?


Marriott has the option to purchase the unit back at the same price that a buyer offers. If you aunt would just give you the property you could file a deed of gift. When the property is gifted Marriott has no option to take the property back. Depending on the resort you may be able to find the same ownership cheaper on the resale market.



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