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QUESTION: I bought a timeshare in Florida and would like to cancel. It is past the 10 day cancelation period. We singed the paper work but are not finished putting our down payment down yet. When calling them they had no record of us in their system. We have no rights to use any of the timeshare yet. Our first payment is in April. Can I still legally cancel the time share. The time share is orangelake resorts Florida.

ANSWER: Legally, you are past the 10 days in which to do so.  You need to contact the owner services department to see if they will allow you to exit the contract.  While you may not have put all the money down, you have a legally binding contract that they have to remove you from.  

Just because they do not have you in the system yet does not mean you are not an owner

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QUESTION: Is there a maximum number of days that makes it illegal for the timeshare to decline our request  to cancel or can they cancel the contract no matter how long it has been.

In Florida you had 10 days to send in the cancellation as outlined in your contract.  After that, they legally do not have to allow the cancellationa as you have past the recission period.

If they choose to allow you out at this point, that is up to them as a goodwill to you.  But legally, they do not have to do it.


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