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I own a Disney Vacation Club timeshare.  I divorced in 2008, my ex husband relinquished all rights to the timeshare in the divorce settlement.  Divorce finalized in NY, I have papers to support.  I couldn't remove his name from the title until the loan was paid off.  Loan is now paid off and I have been told his signature will be required per Florida law to do the transfer.  I have had no contact with him in 5 years, and do not know where he lives or any contact information for him.  Is there a way to do the transfer based on the court order from the divorce?  I really don't want to locate him, as I do not want him knowing where I live now for safety reasons.


Excellent question.  First, we need to look at certain things.  Yes, your ex-husband would be required to sign a deed to you to remove his interest.  I understand that you have a court order from NY, hopefully it contains some language in it that if he does not sign a deed to you the order will act as a deed.

If you need a referral to an attorney please let me know, and I will be glad to try to assist you in that.  Feel free to contact me at my office if you need further information at 800-973-3316



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