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i was at st maarten we were approched by people while we were shopping and we scratch tickets and i won a prize they took us to westin dawn beach club they sang to song and we both a timeshare from them i did 3000$ diposit and i sighed the day after we came beck home from vacation this is passed 4 day after signing i changed my mind i fax them and email them want to get out no answer from them and i did the same the 5 day no answer until now i called my credit card and they say even in contract it says 5 days aperently consumer right has 15 days to cancel is it true and they said until april 21 no answer from them their going to dispute my deposit

It is very important that if you want to rescind your purchase you MUST follow the instructions on your timeshare contract to get it canceled. Normal procedure is to write a letter stating that you have changed your mind and that you wish to exercise your right to rescind the contract. This must be sent exactly as it says in the contract. Most must be post marked prior to the rescission period. You cannot call or email because there is no accountability. Sometimes you can send a fax but again, there is no accountability. If you are still in the 5 day window then get a small box and write your cancellation letter and put it in the box and get it there as quick as possible. Because it is in a box they will be more likely to open because they believe they are receiving something else.

Canceling a timeshare outside the US is very difficult even if you are within your rescission period. The resorts have methods in place to ensure that their customers' cancellation letters never get opened in time. If you have any issues call Timeshare Advocacy International at 877-350-7899 and I wish you the best of luck.


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