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We own a vacation club membership that we no longer can use.  Fees are coming up in 2 mos.  Have received offers to take it over, while paying off the fees.  Hard to know what is legitimate, or what options are actually available.  We've already taken a tremendous loss due to non-usage.  Was hoping to let go of it at a small fraction of its value, so we can at least recoup the fees, but no takers.  Are we without hope?  What can we do?  Please inform.



ANSWER: First  question is do you have it listed for sale and where did these offers to buy come from.  The problem is, exactly what you have stated.  Hard to know who is real and who just takes your money.  If any one asks for money upfront, then good chance it is not a real offer.  I'm confused because you say you have offers to take it, but then say no takers at a small fraction of the price.

To help you, can you tell me what vacation club you own and more details about these offers so I can assist you better

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Thanks for replying.  Sorry for the confusion in my question.  Yes, I have received offers in the mail, which I do not respond to due to lack of trust.  Some offer to take the property over, while covering the fees.

I listed on Craigslist, asking only for bonafide offers.  Instead I received timeshare advertisements.  Also, I posted in facebook to contacts, at a steal.  That's where I had no takers.

Diamond Resorts is the company name.  It really is a nice club membership (probably valued at $15,000-$20,00), if one can use it - which we haven't been able to for 4 years.  My mom, who owns it, has Alzheimer's, and I'm her caregiver.  People buy these expensively.  Why is it like pulling teeth to practically give it away?

There must be some bonafide offers somewhere, aren't there?



Is your diamonds points allocations. If so call owner services, explain your moms situation and they may have you pay a small fee and take it back.  The offers you get in the mail are not legit offers.   Craigslist is the worst place to try to sell timeshares.  Try Timeshare Users Group www.tug2.net, Redweeks.com or myresortnetwork.com.    That is where timeshares sell at

Hope this helps



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