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The following question was sent to an expert of yours 8 days ago and I'm still waiting for a response.  My spam mail has been checked and your email addresses are in my contact information.  Please respond.  Thanks for your time with this.  This is the email question that was sent:
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Your question was

"Dear Samuel Calderon,
My husband and I have owned a Mexican timeshare for a number of years and it still has about 15 years left on it.  Over the years of ownership the maintenance fees have increased to exceed our budget and our income status has changed to fixed (retirement).  After attempts to sell, we have requested from the timeshare to "give it back" to them.  They responded with the document below (obviously it needs at least, slight correction).  Upon completing and submitting this document, does it look to you that we will be completely released from any further maintenance responsibility for our timeshare?  Of course I understand that we will no longer have use of it as well.  The other question that I have (I think I already have the answer to) is that we are currently holding reservations for weeks that we had banked with RCI.  I'm assuming that these weeks will not be affected.  We also paid for maintenance fee for 2014 so if would expect that we should bank our 2014 week with RCI (for future usage)before we submit or document of Renunciation.  Your answers and confirmation would be most helpful.  The Letter of Renunciation (provided by the timeshare) is shown below.  Thanks for your time with this!!!

Contract Department:
I, undersigned, holds the following weeks/membership of time share formally known as
Hacienda del Mar, in the Municipality of Cabo San Lucas, being:
(Descripcion of the renounced weeks)
Member:___________ Contract #:__________
Unit#: ________ Week#: ________
Season: _________
I hereby waive and cancel all the rights and obligations that I have in the above
mentioned weeks/membership, We are not requesting any money in return, we would
for this membership to be cancelled and notified as soon as the change has been made.
This waiver is being freed of any past and future claims and obligations on any part in
relation to the renounced time shares.
Date: ____________
Owners signature and name."

and was asked on 01/24/2014


Yes, completing the form and returning to the resort will cancel your ownership and maintenance fee liability. As far as the reservations and banking of the 2014 week, you will need to check with RCI directly. My understanding is when you transfer an ownership out of your name RCI allows you to keep your membership with them for up to 18 months. You will want to ask the resort and confirm with RCI that because you paid the 2014 maintenance fees you will be able to bank the 2014 week.

If you have any further questions please let me know.



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