I own a timeshare in the Orlando area and have been hit with a maintenance fee bill that has increased substantially over the past few years.  The grounds are not being kept up to reflect this increased cost.  Is there anything I can do?

Thanks for writing, Thomas.

This is an all too familiar situation. not that it makes it any better for you or the thousands of owners in similar situations.

The first thing I recommend is reviewing the resort's budget, assuming they provided you with one.  Take a look at it and see what the "bad debt" or foreclosure figure is.  Those figures are telling.

I would also suggest you craft a letter to the resort General Manager and to the head of the resort group if applicable with some direct questions.

I strongly recommend that you attend the annual meeting and find out the procedure for getting on the HOA board.

Also, talk to as many owners as possible and get them to take similar actions.  The resort has a distinct advantage as they don't make owner lists available to other owners.  

Please follow up and let me know how these strategies work out.


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