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What affect has the economy (specifically the fall of the housing market) had on the time share market?

Great question Lisa.

The economy has taken a toll on the timeshare industry.  According to industry statistics, sales have fallen from more than $10B in 2007 to less than $6B in 2011, although more recent statistics show that number on the rise.

Timeshare developers found that their ability to extend credit to consumers was significantly restricted, which I feel was a good thing.

The timeshare owners were hit harder though.  Many timeshare owners found that they could not afford either the mortgage payments and/or the annual fees and walked away.  Something that I do not recommend in any case.  This left the remaining owners faced with increased annual fees to make up the shortfall.

In my opinion, the failure of the primary market to foresee this situation is to blame.

It's important to realize that timeshare is NOT an investment and should not be purchased based solely on a two hour sales pitch.  Ownership comes with benefits as well as responsibilities.

The one bright spot in this is that there are a large number of good deals available on the legitimate secondary market.  Do your homework though before considering purchasing anything.


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