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My mother, in her untimely wisdom decided to put me on the deed of a timeshare (VRI) without my knowledge. Actually I explicitly asked her not to. I did not sign any documents for this yet my name is on the deed. She passed away a couple of years ago and now VRI is after my sister and I for back maintenance. First, how could my name appear on the deed without my permission and secondly, what can I do to make this go away? Thank you in advance! Gregg

The first question, I can't answer for you. We always have our buyers sign something showing their intent to be involved in the transaction. Your question about how you could be put on the deed in the first place, should be asked to whoever prepared and recorded that particular deed. Depending on where the timeshare is located, often times the Grantee does not need to sign the deed.
Are you listed on the deed as Joint Tenants With Rights of Survivorship? If so, you should be able to sell the timeshare. Your mother's death certificate would need to be recorded in the county and State where the timeshare is located, and an affidavit would most likely need to be prepared and recorded as well. I would need to know what timeshare you own and where the timeshare is located, because requirements vary depending on where the timeshare is located. If you are not listed on the deed as joint tenants, then you may have probate issues to deal with, before you can sell the timeshare.
You might want to ask the resort if you can deed the property back to them.
I hope this helps.
Janet Ammirati
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