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If you have a REPUTABLE sales person, that would be great, but not someone who wants me to pay them up front to sell.  I  already know about many of them, and all my research shows there is NO market for a timeshare.  I know about TUG.  Etc.   I am prepared to give it away for the closing costs and transfer fees (from Hilton about $1000.b and quit claim.  There is no mortgage.  I paid it up front.

But one clarification, why would I give Hilton the  buyer's information.?Their right of first refusal is to buy back from me, and I offered to give it back, they just pay the closing and take care of the transfer.  I told them I am selling for $1000, if they are not willing to take it back.

Because the right of first refusal pertains to the sale of the unit.  Without a purchase contract between a buyer and a seller, you have no contract.  Therefore the have nothing to determine if they want the unit back.

I would call Judy Kozlowski at Remax SW or her website is judykoz.com. She only handles HGVC property.  She does not ever charge an upfront fees, she will earn a commission when it sells.   The HGVC does have some resale value, she can better discuss prices she is seeing with you



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