I foolishly "bought" -- and that word is used loosely -- a HGVC one bedroom (3400 points), odd year -- in Tuscany Village, Orlando, FL.  I had told them I had no interest in a timeshare, I don't vacation, I travel 50-70 % on behalf of my company! and I have no idea how I got roped into this situation.  I have done tons of research.  Deed is deed in perpetuity, with same language as you answered for another person who wrote you about whether they have to assume this upon mother" 's death,  you said no.  The resort can't put into foreclosure against a dead person.  Couple of questions.  Can I give this to another individual or company via a quick claim deed, and once the property is no longer in my name, I don't have to deal with the resort?  Can they come back on me for maintenance fees if I no longer own it, and the deed is recorded in someone else's name?  They do have right of first refusal.  They won't return calls,  When I talked to the people who pressured me into buying this, can you believe they tried to upgrade/upscale me to a larger unit?  When they realized they could not, they gave me some spurious reason why they had to go, but would call back.  Of course I never could get them on the Line again.  I did send them a registered letter saying that they needed to let me know if they are going to exercise the right of first refusal, but as no one will take my call, I don't expect to hear from them.

Ok, lots of questions, hopefully I answer them all, but first did you finance the purchase.  I ask that question for several reasons.  First if you give this to someone, the resort will not make a transfer with an open mortgage.  

If the answer above is there is no mortgage or financing, then yes you can give it away, sell it or do anything else you want.   Now that being said, HGVC does have some resale value, so if it is paid off it is sellable.   The deeding to someone else can be done, but they have to be a real person and alive.  They will be responsible for maintenance fees once the resort has waived their right of first refusal and the deed has been recorded and their transfer fees paid.

Once they have transferred the account to the next new owner, then maintenance fees will belong to the new owner thereby relieving you of the responsibility.  As far as the registered letter concerning them waiving their right of first refusal, until you give them a purchase contract showing who is purchasing the timeshare, who is selling, the resort name, unit and week and the agreed upon purchase price, they will not make a decision.   Honestly, they can't, how do they know if they are repurchasing it under the right if first refusal if they do not know the terms of the sale?

Once they have what they will need, they will provide you what you need.  If you need a reputable sales agent that specializes in HGVC, then let me know and I will give you a referral.

Hope that answers all of your questions.  Let me know if you need additional assistance.


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