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Hello!  I am concerned that I need to follow a specific procedure to cancel my contract with Silverleaf Resorts Inc., so the company considers my cancellation valid and binding.  There is a statement on the front of the contract that " YOU MAY CANCEL THIS CONTRACT AT WILL AND WITHOUT EXPLANATION WITHIN SEVEN (7) BUSINESS DAYS AFTER YOU SIGN IT, IN WHICH EVENT YOU WILL RECEIVE A FULL REFUND.  SEE PAGE 1 OF THE OFFERING PLAN."  There is no page 1 of my Offering Plan.

On the back of the contract is a small item that reads as follows.  All notices which either party desires or is required to give to the other shall only be given in writing, delivered by mail and addressed (with sufficient postage) as follows: b. to Seller at the address listed on the front of this contract.  Said notice shall be deemed given when mailed to Seller by certified or registered mail, return receipt requested (with sufficient postage). Is this the mysterious cancellation procedure no one in the company is able or willing to simply point out to me so I can cancel the contract?  

This might be treading into the territory of legal advice, but I do hope you are able to advise me about how to determine where in the vast paperwork and contract there is a stated procedure to follow to cancel the contract.  I am told something different almost every time I call the company.

Thank you for your time

Rachel, there is no easy place to find the how to cancel as they bury it in various areas based on the resort.  I would send a letter by certified mail return receipt to the address for if notice to resort or developer listed in the page that has the address.   I would also send a second one to owner services at the developers office and sales manager at the resort you bought at.  I would think that covers all your bases and makes it clear what you are trying to do.   

You might also want to call and ask for a supervisor at owners services for Silvetleaf and see if anyone else should be included.   Try doing this during the day when the right people may be in.   Do not do this verbally, make sure mail is sent by certified mail return receipt to prove you did it.

It may also help if you have a local attorney review it, certainly sounds like something may be missing.

Hope this helps



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