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Time-Shares/cancelling my contract within grace period


I purchased a timeshare from Silverleaf Resorts Inc, on August 17, 2014 and wish to cancel the contract.  It states on the front of my contract that "YOU MAY CANCEL THIS CONTRACT AT WILL AND WITHOUT EXPLANATION WITHIN SEVEN (7) BUSINESS DAYS AFTER YOU SIGN IT, IN WHICH EVENT YOU WILL RECEIVE A FULL REFUND.  SEE PAGE 1 OF THE OFFERING PLAN."  There is no page 1 of my Offering Plan.   So I don't know what I'm supposed be able to learn from going to page 1.  

I have made several phone calls to the corporate offices and owner services and spoken in person with some of the employees but no one will guarantee a procedure I need to follow to cancel my contract within the grace period.  They say "read your contract", but no one will say exactly where I should be looking or reading the contract.

I have written and sent a letter stating my intent to cancel the contract and written "Cancel this contract" across the face of a copy of the contract. I've sent both items to a fax number that was given to me at Owner Services, and mailed both items to the address on the contract, certified mail.  I also plan to send these items via email to an address given to me by Owner Services.  Does this seem adequate to cover my tracks and get this matter settled?

I have also asked a friend to verify in writing that she has looked over the paperwork and also determined that there is no apparent information regarding cancellation of the contract within the 7 days.

Thank you for any advice you have about dealing with this cancellation from a company that just has too many inconsistencies to make me want to stay in contract with them.

I am pleased to see from your profile that perhaps there are timeshares worth trying...later.


Thanks for writing.  It does seem as if you have taken the necessary steps in order to cancel this purchase.

However, just to be certain, please e-mail me the details of the resort and the personnel...I will be happy to call on your behalf.  I find their behavior reprehensible.

I can be reached at


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