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My wife and I have held a time share at the Plaza Resort in Reno for some 30 years. We are currently going through a divorce and due to retirements, changes in income, and lack of travel opportunities neither of us wants to continue to maintain the time share. I have heard that some time shares have a form that one can fill out which would return the timeshare to the resort and eliminate any obligations to maintenance or the resort for the current owner. Is this a possible solution to our situation? How would I go about obtaining such a form if it exists?

"Thank you" for any support or answers you may provide!

Ray Martin


Thank you for the question. There isn't exactly a form to fill out, but the resort should be able to help you out if you wish to deed the property back to them. I suggest you give them a call and explain the situation you are in. If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to ask.

John Kushman


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