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I am having a difficult time trying to cancel my timeshare contract with Vacation Village Resorts. Here is the story:

The day before my birthday I bought a timeshare and was informed that I would not have to pay until the following year 2017 (after initial deposit). So I was okay with that - signed all necessary paperwork and officially owned my own timeshare. I paid almost over $1,500 for my deepest which was spread across the span of 5-7months.I bought that in April of 2015, and I received a phone call in early November 2015 from my Loan Officer (person that actually completed my paperwork) and she let me know that they have a document that I forgot to sign because they did not give it to me. She would be sending that in the mail - she also said that in January they would charge me $800 for maintenance and an additional charge for the monthly mortgage. At that point I thought about it and told her that I was no longer interested in the timeshare. She then tried to brush me off - like don't worry, lets not think about that now - we will figure it out later. From there I knew I need to go ahead and cancel my contract with Vacation Village at Parkway.

I finally decided to call today to get my credit card taken off the account but I got the ultimate run around from staff and I was being transferred over and over again. So after an hour of this - I just gave up because I was by that time irritated. I called my bank later in the afternoon and explained to them the issue I was having. So what we did was dispute the charges that I charged for the deposit. They also canceled my credit card so that they would not try to charge me the $800 fee. Which I am okay with.

My question is: Since there is one last document needed to complete the contract and I do not feel obligated to sign - is there a way that I can cancel this contract because technically they have nothing legally binding me to this timeshare? What can I do to say I am no longer interested in the timeshare? I just want to get out of this!!! Please help!

Thanks for writing in, Melissa.

You may have a case for legally canceling this contract despite the fact that your rescission period is long over.  It really depends on which document was not signed at the time of purchase.

In the resort's defense though, changing your mind 8 months after purchasing is not a valid reason for them to cancel the contract.

If you can let me know which document was not provided to you at time of purchase, I can assist further.

Thanks for writing.


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