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On January 27, 2012 my Mom and I bought Sheraton Vistana - Lakes, Orlando from Global Resorts.  We traded Starwood Village North Condominium and Wyndham Resort and paid $7,685.  We paid $3,000 down and set up the remaining balance $4,685 at 15.9%.  Four months later, in June/July, 2012 we paid off the remaining balance of $4267.17.  On October 15, 2012, I spoke with Sheraton and they had no record of us owning Sheraton Vistana and were processing deeds for October, 2012.  By this time Global had caused our credit to be ruined and for us to be harassed by Wyndham, Bill Me Later and Bank of America RCI Master Card.  In October, 2012, my Mom had her first stroke.  Ownership in Sheraton Vistana did not show up until April 16, 2013.  My Mom had her second stroke in May, 2013, which brought on dementia.  I had a heart oblation from a wasp sting, and started having seizures which has caused me not to be able to drive.  

We paid the 2014 HOA assessment.  We have never used this timeshare because of medical reasons.  I contacted Sheraton Vistana in May, 2014 and asked if we could deed back the timeshare and pay the cost of deeding back.  They said no and referred us to Sell My Timeshare Now.  We listed it with Sell My Timeshare Now and paid an upfront fee of $1198, plus we listed it for rent with Resort Rentals.  Fortunately for us, it was rented for 2014, although it did not cover the the HOA fee because of the rental fee.  It has been listed for sale for 15 months and the price has been lowered twice.  According to Sheraton today it would sell for $23,990.  We have it listed for $4,499.  It did not rent this year and we own July 4th week, floating.  We have reached a point where we cannot afford this timeshare.  My Mom is almost 89 and I definitely cannot afford this by myself especially with me not being able to drive or travel.  And she certainly can't travel.  
It is Sheraton Vistana Lakes Week 27 2 bedroom sleeps 8.
Can I get an attorney to deed it back to Sheraton?  I don't want my credit ruined because I may be moving to an area with mass transit if I can't drive and will need it to rent/buy a place.  Help!

Sorry for the delay in answering this...  Yes the resort may be selling this on the sales line for that price, they offer benefits and perks not available on the resale market, hence their price.

I think if you look at places like eBay, your asking price of 4500 is much higher than what the market will pay.  You can try an attorney, will cost more money and you may not get the desired results lt.   If you are looking at just getting out of it and calling it a day, there are avenues to go down.  Just let me know what you are ultimately trying to do.  You can reply here, or email me at and I will be glad to try to help.


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