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Time-Shares/Silverleaf Timeshare Foreclosure


Can you do anything once you are informed your property has been foreclosed? Have two properties (one paid off and the other behind in payments). Paid off property behind in Maintenance fees. Made payment on line on their website ($2,000) split between the properties in February but resort did not receive payment they said. Looked and found out they did not take it. Have proof on account that money was transferred to checking from savings to make payment.
Cannot get on their system to find proof that I posted payment by credit card. (Postdated on their system) They said they sent certified mail to my house in Plano, Tx. but my mother in law has no such mail. I live in Brazil since December and they are good about telling about important mail. What can I do?

While separate properties, may have been combined to form one account.  If you tried to make a payment less than owed, they are not obligated to take a partial payment.  When you say, looked and found out they didn't take the payment, while you may have transferred from savings to checking, them not taking a partial payment is as the payment was never made.

If you think the foreclosure was not conducted properly, you can retain an attorney to try to get your property back.


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