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Time-Shares/Disney Vacation Club Title transfer


Hi Dave,
My wife's Aunt owns a Disney Vacation Club Timeshare.
She is in failing health and would like to transfer the title to her niece (my wife). How would she go about doing that?

Hi Bill,

So to transfer the Disney timeshare, 2 things have to happen.   First, you can do this all on your own, o have a title company help you with it.  The first thing that has to happen is Disney has to be contacted and told this is an inter-family transfer.  The have a right of first refusal, which means that they have to right to buy the unit back for whatever amount the buyer and seller have agreed to.  On inter-family transfers, they typically do not use that right.

Second, you need to prepare a deed from your Aunt to you and your wife and have it executed.  That deed for hen has to be recorded and a copy sent to Disney.   Disney will also have a form called a waiver of right of first refusal that will need to be recorded as well.

If you need some recommendations on companies that can help do this, just let me know.

I hope that answered your question.



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