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signed a timeshare contract 2/3/2016 Wednesday. We decided to cancel so went to the sales office with everything ..sales kit eats on Sunday 2/7/16.  After 1 1/2 hours they said they couldn't help just needed to follow the contract and sent everything to Westgate in Ocoee Fl.   We sent everything along with the cancelation letter 2 day priority mail with signature confirmation 2/08/16.   We have reached the package. It has not been delivered and is in the Ocoee post office awaiting pickup.  

Our 10 days are up either today the 12th or tomorrow the 13th.  The contract did not say to send certified.
I am really concerned they are not picking up to make us late.  Are we covered by the postal signature receipt that is dated 2/8/16?

Thank you for your consideration.


Hello Deborah,

As long as your rescission letter was postmarked before your 10 days are up you should have no problem. I would recommend calling the contract department to let them know they need to pick it up. If it would give you peace of mind, it wouldn't hurt to send another letter today, certified, with the same information in your previous rescission letter.

The fact that they said you couldn't cancel right in front of them is pretty crazy, but it doesn't surprise me too much.

Let me know if you have any other questions.



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