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I have a situation with a timeshare that I feel is some sort of scam. My grandparents have owned this time share for a condo at the beach for at least 10 years. They live close by the condo now and have been letting family stay there since they moved. In that last couple of years there has been some things going on that is making many timeshare owners at this place very frustrated. Festiva took over and started this points system and has been trying to convince timeshare owners to give up their timeshare to move to this point system. It seems every year gets worse since this company took over. My mom and I were talking to other owners while at the pool last year and every owner we talked to feels the same. We got a notice about an assessment fee and some renovations going on over the off season (which were supposed to be completed by Memorial Day at the latest) and my mom decide to call to make sure everything was set for us to come stay as usual. ( Our timeshare is for June 19 - June 26. ) When she called they said our condo probably won't be ready in time for that week. So she asked if they would be letting us stay in another condo and was sternly told no. So another words, even though we pay all the fees every year, plus the assessment fees we now are told last minute that our timeshare will be unavailable this year and we're just out of luck. I know very little about this whole timeshare thing, but this seems like a rip off to me. It seems like we have no rights in this matter. Can you tell me if there is anything we can do? Can they do this? It just makes no sense to me in so many ways. I have a hard time believing that the condo is not ready at this time of year. They were just working on the decking anyway, nothing inside the condos. Any help you can provide would be much appreciated. Thanks!


There is absolutely something wrong here.  Regardless of if there are renovations going on at the resort, if you have paid your fees the resort has to find some comparable place for you to stay provided you have made reservations.

You need to contact the resort's general manager and the head of the HOA immediately.

I'd also suggest taking to Twitter and demanding an answer from Festiva.  A call to corporate wouldn't hut either.

The resort has the obligation to provide you with accommodations.

Let me know the outcome and if you need any additional information.


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