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ak wrote at 2009-11-11 03:09:52
Beggars can't be choosy!

If everybody can afford a new car, there would not be a salvaged title industries. Junkyards would be out of business long long long time ago.

Rebuilt salvaged cars depend on the rebuilder. Most I have seen are half bucket of water. However, that does not stop me from owning quality rebuilt salvaged cars!  

Ralpho wrote at 2009-11-26 06:19:57
Jeremy is full of it.  I have bought 5 Reconditioned/ Rebuilt salvage vehicles in the last 15 years.  Yes there are some bad one but you have to choose carefully.  I always ask for a pictures of the car before it was fixed.  I like to see the damage it had prior to getting fixed.  The title status is considered by an insurance adjuster.  He decides what status to give the title and also gives a VIP Customer better treatment.  I know for a fact that the best cars come from Arizona and New Mexico.  Most of their cars are considered total loss by the insurance for minimal accidents.  Reconditioned vehicles are worth 50% of their Suggested Retail Book Value and sometimes a little more.  Here in Texas there are many banks that loan 50% of the book value for these vehicles.  Full coverage insurance is not recommended because if your vehicle is totalled again, they only pay half of the book value minus your deductable.  

My suggestion is... Have the car inspected by a Body Shop and a mechanic.  Just ask them if the car is safe, reliable, and if the repairs done to it were done right.  Cars lose value over time regardless of the title status.  You will never get what you paid for if you sell it two to three years down the road even with a clean title.  If the car's book value is $10,000, expect to pay $5,000 for it.  You can easily buy a 2007 to 2008 vehicle for about $5,000 or you can buy a 2000 to 2003 with a clean title for the same.  Car Fax is good only to find out if the car is a flood, if the odometer has been rolled back, and it tell you how many times a vehicle has been registered.  It is not a reliabloe source of determining how many owners its had. Another thing--  I have had seen worse conditions on the clean titled vehicles.  I've seen vehicles with 30,000 miles with a bad engine and transmission.  If you never changed the oil on time, a vehicle can be shot in a few thousand miles.  Mechanic and Body Shop inspection is all I can suggest.  I am a 15 yr. experienced mechanic and have 10 yrs. experience in body work.  I would never hesitate to buy a Reconditioned Title if the vehicle was fixed correctly and given good maintenance, if priced right.  Good Luck with your purchase.

BeenTharDoneThat wrote at 2013-02-12 23:59:23
One item to note also...if you purchase the carfax report prior to purchasing the vehicle, it will tell you under which owner the accident/collision occurred.  If the seller is being dishonest with you about which owner the wreck was under then I would walk(run)away!!! (Personally, I would call him on it so that he knew I found him out to be a creep...THEN I'd walk away.  Whether you're buying a car or a $10 item at a yard sale; the seller always, always, always knows more about the item they're selling than you do about the item you're buying.  If they're hiding something (or seem to be evasive, avoid answering questions directly, etc)it's because it's something worth hiding.  

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