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Tips on Buying Cars/Cancelling an Auto Sale


My 18 year old son was a little too anxious to purchase a car before looking into everything.  He paid for the car and signed all the paperwork including title transfer.  He never drove the car off the lot because it has problems and he did not have the insurance taken car of.  He has now decided that this was a bad decision and would like to cancel the sale.  He purchased car on a Wednesday and sent letter and e-mail of cancellation on Saturday.  I called dealership and they said the car is his and he cannot cancel sale.


At 18 years old your son is considered an adult in the eyes of the law. Pennsylvania law allows sales to be cancelled with in 3 days if the sale took place at your home but this does not apply when you visit a place of business. I feel your at the mercy of the dealer. It's good that your helping your son remedy this mistake. The initial response you received is typical and not unexpected. You and your son should continue to plead for help all the way up to the owner or president of the company. Someone could reverse the deal but you will have to pull on their heart strings. You really are at their mercy so proceed lightly and plead your case gently to gain their sympathy. I have seen car deals reversed so you do have a chance at success. Good luck!

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